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Eyes and Brows


In 2010, Dr. Andrea L. Fisher purchased Dr. Jim Wight’s practice, Harbourtown Vision, in downtown Vermilion. Our office remained there after he retired in 2011 and we continued to grow that we outgrew our office space.  Then, in 2015, Dr. Thomas Ruh, was interested in retiring.  His office doubled our square footage of our current location so we moved to 4680 Liberty Ave in the Crystal Plaza. We remained there until Dr. Chohan, a Mercy primary care physician decided to sell his building after retiring.  We closed on the building, located at 4685 Liberty Ave, in April 2018, and moved in after the remodel in April 2019.

Our current location at 4685 Liberty is our permanent location.  This 3000 sq.ft. state of the art facility is remodeled with LED lighting, security and custom exam room lighting to make your exam experience more comfortable.  In April of 2021, we invested in over $100,000 of new equipment to medically treat eye conditions.  We now offer Zeiss Cirrus Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Zeiss Clarus Wide field retinal photography and Zeiss’s newest Visual Field Testing, the HFA3 860 with liquid crystal lens. Finally, in the optical showcase, we offer custom measurements by Spark Mi Up which is a smart mirror system. Later in 2021, we plan to purchase a Santinelli LEX CE edger, which will allow eyeglass lens edging on-site and complete eyeglass fabrication in 24 hours.  Dr. Fisher also plans to purchase the Lumenis M22, which is IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy to treat dry eyes.  There is no other provider in Erie or Lorain county offering this technology for state of the art treatment of dry eye.  There is one thing that Dr. Fisher believes, and it is in the investment for your eyes, and offering cutting edge treatments and facility to make your visit pleasurable. 


Statement about our Logo

Dr. Fisher went to school in Michigan where she was exposed to beautiful Lake Michigan and the states numerous inland lakes.  Boating in Michigan is not just a hobby or a past time, its tradition runs deep in the blood of families who spend time together on weekends and holidays. When Dr. Fisher moved back to Ohio, she knew that she could not go back to the farming community where she grew up, because she would miss the water too much.  So, she moved to the best of both worlds when she moved to northern Ohio.  She continued to enjoy lake life on Lake Erie, but was closer to home, which is a three-hour drive to her hometown of Rockford.  In creating our logo, she integrated an image of a sail boat with its sail drawn by the wind within the picture of a stylized eye.  Most people don’t know there is a boat in the eye design.  It was the core concept of the image that she wanted to create for her community eye care on a Great Lake! She also wanted to make the distinction that your care will be different when you walk through our doors. Many patients agree our difference is clear. We invite you, to Come and See Our Difference.

Dr Fisher continued...

Her areas of practice include seeing babies for their first eye exam around one year of age to geriatric eye care.  She also enjoys being a patient advocate to special needs patients, who are non-verbal, to ensure all their eye care needs are met.

In 2007, Dr. Fisher traveled to Guyana, South America with the Fellowship of Christian Optometrists (FCO) on a medical eye mission, providing eye care and eyeglasses to over 1000 residents of Overwinning, Guyana. In 2008, Dr. Fisher traveled to Valmiera, Latvia with Volunteer Optometric Service to Humanity (VOSH), providing eye care, cataract referrals and eyeglasses to over 900 residents in surrounding areas of Valmiera.

In her free time Dr. Fisher enjoys gardening and horticulture, playing with her daughter, hiking and riding bikes in the Metro Parks.  While out of the office, she spends her time in the ocean scuba diving, as a PADI certified diver.  Ocean Conservation is an interest of hers. She is a Rotary member in Vermilion.

Professional Statement


“I decided to become an eye doctor because I loved changing peoples’ lives as an optician.  Getting to see a child’s expression when they put on their new eye wear was humbling and rewarding, but I wanted to partake in the creation of that prescription in the exam room. So, after working in the industry as an optician for two years, I decided to go back to school to become an optometrist.”

Stephanie Slifka
Dr. Andrea Fisher
Dr. Stephanie Slifka
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